Immidio Forum Frequently Asked Questions

Login and Registration Issues

Forum accounts
To post on the Immidio forum, you need to register. Forum accounts are combined with your registration on the Immidio web site. If you access the forum while logged on with your Immidio account, you will have the option to set up a forum account.

User Preferences and settings

How do I change my settings?
If you are a registered user, all your settings are stored in the forum database. To alter them, click the "edit profile" link in the upper right corner while logged in.

Posting Issues

How do I post a topic in a forum?
To post a new topic in a forum, click the relevant button on either the forum or topic screens. You need to register before you can post a message.

How do I edit or delete a post?
You can edit a post by clicking the "edit" button for the relevant post. Note that you can only edit or delete your own posts.

Why can't I access a forum?
Some forums may be limited to certain users or groups. To view, read, post or perform another action you may need special permissions. Contact a moderator or the forum administrator to grant you access.

Formatting and Topic Types

Can I use HTML?
No. It is not possible to post HTML on this forum and have it rendered as HTML. Most formatting which can be carried out using HTML can be applied using the formatting toolbar when posting a message.

What are sticky topics?
Sticky topics within the forum appear on top of other topics in a forum. They are often quite important so you should read them whenever possible. Topics are made sticky by Administrators and Moderators.

What are closed topics?
Closed topics are topics where users can no longer reply. Topics may be locked for many reasons and were set this way by either the forum moderator or forum administrator.

Private Messaging

I cannot send private messages!
You need to be registered and logged on to send private messages.

I have received a spamming or abusive message from someone on this forum!
Please e-mail the forum administrator with a full copy of the message you received. The forum administrator can then take action.

Searching the Forums

How can I search a forum or forums?
Click the "Search" link, enter a search term in the search box. Click the "search" button.

How can I find my own or someone else's posts and topics?
Click a username in the topic you have answered to, and view your profile as other's see it.

Topic Subscriptions and Bookmarks

How do I subscribe to specific forums or topics?
To subscribe to a specific forum, click the "watch this forum for new topics" link upon entering the forum. To subscribe to a topic, reply to the topic with the subscribe checkbox checked or click the "watch this topic for replies" link within the topic itself.

How do I remove my subscriptions?
To remove your subscriptions, go to your profile (by clicking your username on the top) and click "My subscriptions".