Immidio Flex+ workspace virtualization provides a personalized and dynamic Windows desktop, adapted to an end-user's specific situation, based on aspects like role, device and location.
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Flex+ Workspace Virtualization

Immidio Flex+ provides end users with a personalized and dynamic Windows desktop, adapted to their specific situation, based on aspects like role, device and location. With Flex+, Immidio offers an extremely competitive workspace virtualization solution, requiring no additional infrastructure investments, and at a fraction of the price of comparable solutions.

Flex+ is the successor of Immidio Flex Profiles – the most successful Windows profile management solution, with more than 2 million users worldwide. Driven by a changing landscape for the workplace, where end users expect to work anywhere, anytime and on multiple devices (including their own), Immidio developed Flex+ in close collaboration with its large installed base.

Immidio Flex+ offers a desktop that adjusts to the actual situation of the end user, providing access to the IT resources that are required, based on a user’s role, device and location. Many organizations suffer from hidden productivity loss as a result of ad hoc activities like manually mapping network drives and printers or providing application shortcuts to end users. This so-called distortion not only impacts IT departments but also affects end users. The relevant user experience that Flex+ offers, significantly eliminates this distortion.

Flex+ consists of five functional areas: Application Configuration Management, User Environment settings, Personalization, Application Migration and Dynamic Configuration. Each area is further described below.

IT benefits:

  • Easy and low impact implementation at your own pace
  • Immediate benefits across the organization
  • Instantly improve logon and logoff times
  • Scales seamlessly by leveraging existing Windows infrastructure
  • No deployment and maintenance of additional back-end infrastructure
  • Provide application-level support
  • Compatible with Windows desktops, Microsoft RDS, VMware View, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop
  • Support multi-tenancy scenarios from a single management console

Business benefits:

  • Increase productivity by delivering a relevant, personal and optimized environment to your users
  • Eliminate the large sum of small environment challenges
  • Reduce helpdesk workload
  • No additional investment in server roles required – leverage existing Windows infrastructure
  • Affordable product and easy implementation, resulting in fast ROI
  • Instantly solve an urgent challenge; gradually implement the full workspace virtualization functionality

Application Configuration Management

Flex+ Application Configuration Management enables you to configure the initial settings of an application without having to rely on the defaults of the application. "Predefined Settings" can be used as one-time defaults, fully enforced (application starts each time in desired state), or partially enforced, where the application starts each time in a desired state but allows partial personalization by the user.

Using Immidio Application Profiler, you can capture predefined settings for an application. Simply run the application on a reference system (monitored by Application Profiler) and configure it as desired.

Flex+ also provides the capability to manage certain User Environment settings when an application is launched, like mapping drives and printers, applying custom files, folders and registry settings, and running custom tasks.

Application Configuration benefits:

  • Decouple user settings from native and virtual applications
  • Maintain a single application package while deploying it in multiple configurations
  • Ensure compliance with company standards
  • Prevent users from misconfiguring error-prone applications
  • Only consume network resources (e.g. printers or network drives) when necessary
  • Manage all application configuration elements on the application level

User Environment settings

Immidio Flex+ enables you to centrally manage a variety of User Environment settings which users need to perform their daily tasks.

The following User Environment settings are supported:

  • ADMX-based settings
  • Drive and printer mappings
  • Environment variables
  • Application shortcuts and file type associations
  • Custom files, folders and registry settings
  • Logon and logoff tasks
  • Display language
  • Hide drives
  • Triggered tasks

User Environment settings benefits:

  • Reduce complex scripting and prevent configuration errors
  • Reduce use of dispersed Group Policy User Configuration
  • Manage application shortcuts and file type associations for applications virtualized with Microsoft App-V (MDOP), Novell ZAV and VMware ThinApp
  • Centrally managed from a single management console


Flex+ Personalization decouples and segments user-specific desktop and application settings from the Windows operating system, making them available across multiple devices, Windows versions and application instances. Decoupled personalization is independent from the traditional Windows user profiles and allows for easy introduction and management of virtualization technologies and application delivery mechanisms. Flex+ Personalization integrates seamlessly with natively installed and virtualized applications, providing users with a consistent user experience across any Windows platform – physical, virtual or remote. Additionally, it enables painless upgrades, like migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8, or migrating from App-V 4.x to App-V 5.

Personalization benefits:

  • Much shorter logon and logoff times
  • Reset user settings per application rather than deleting the complete user profile
  • Unique cleanup mechanism for existing roaming and local user profiles
  • Manage personalization of applications virtualized with Microsoft App-V (MDOP)
  • A single "user profile" per user across multiple Windows platforms

Application Migration

Immidio Flex+ can "roam" personal application settings of users from one operating system to another (e.g. from Windows XP to Windows 7), as long as the application is storing its configuration in the same location of the user profile (i.e. uses the same registry and AppData locations).

In any application version upgrade, either as part of an operating system migration or as part of the application’s lifecycle management, Flex+ personalization can manage the personal application settings. Some of these upgraded applications might however not store the application settings in the same location as the previous version did, causing users to lose some of their personal settings.

With Immidio Flex+ an XML-based settings migration mechanism is introduced, which can migrate personal application settings between application versions. The Immidio Flex+ download package contains XML migration file samples for migrating between different versions of Microsoft Office.

Application Migration benefits:

  • Migrate application settings to prevent decreased end-user productivity
  • Increase user acceptance for application or operating system upgrades
  • Avoid helpdesk overload during migrations

Dynamic Configuration

Flex+ Condition Sets allow you to combine conditions based on user, location and device characteristics, enabling dynamic adaptation of content and appearance of the end-user desktop. For example, you can provide access to a network printer based on the user’s current location or create an application shortcut on the desktop based on the user’s identity. Conditions can be evaluated again when users unlock their workstation or reconnect to a remote session.

Condition sets are managed centrally from the Flex+ Management Console and can be applied to all configurable items within Flex+.

Dynamic Configuration benefits:

  • Reduce complex scripting and prevent configuration errors
  • Reduce use of dispersed Group Policy preferences
  • Centrally managed from a single management console
  • Manage globally instead of per configured item
  • Globally enforce compliance to company standards
  • Increase end-user productivity by providing the relevant desktop
  • Reduce helpdesk calls by anticipating on dynamic desktop usage scenarios
  • Run built-in or custom tasks at logon and logoff, application launch and exit, lock and unlock workstation, and disconnect and reconnect to a remote session.

Immidio Flex+ Helpdesk Support Tool

Immidio Flex+ Helpdesk Support Tool provides support capabilities for Immidio Flex+ profile archives and profile archive backups through an intuitive graphical user interface. It also provides some analysis functionality by displaying total profile archive sizes for a user and an integrated FlexEngine log file viewer.

Flex+ Helpdesk Support Tool can be used by Flex+ administrators themselves or it can be made available to another department that is in charge of providing support in the area of personalization.

The following actions can be taken with Flex+ Helpdesk Support Tool:

  • Reset profile archives for a user
  • Restore a profile archive backup for a user
  • "Jump to" a profile archive for a user in Windows Explorer
  • Edit a profile archive for a user
  • View FlexEngine log files for a user
  • See total profile archive and profile archive backup sizes for a user

Flex+ Helpdesk Support Tool is an additional and optional component for Immidio Flex+ and does not require additional licensing.


Immidio Flex+ SyncTool

Immidio Flex+ SyncTool provides synchronization capabilities mostly targeted to laptop users and to users connected to a network with limited bandwidth. It synchronizes Flex+ profile archives and the central Flex+ configuration files, making you independent of Windows offline files for all files related to Immidio Flex+.

Immidio Flex+ SyncTool is specifically built to support the following scenarios:

Working offline

Users with laptops that are not always connected to the corporate network need access to their Flex+ files while offline. Flex+ SyncTool makes all Flex+ files available locally and synchronizes the changes the next time the user is online again.

Slow WAN / limited bandwidth

Users who are connected to the central Flex+ Configuration and Flex+ Profile shares over a slow WAN connection can experience slow performance, and continuously roaming personal settings can consume too much network resources. To optimize the user experience and to limit network traffic, all Flex+ files can be used locally and only be synchronized based on configurable network thresholds.

Flex+ SyncTool is an additional and optional component for Immidio Flex+ and does not require additional licensing.