The Immidio Resource Kit consists of simple tools addressing different aspects of virtualization environments.

New: Immidio ActiveApp Scanner.

Why do you need it

There is always a good reason to have some handy tools when encountering challenges with your environment based on Windows Terminal Services, Microsoft App-V, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenApp or Virtual Desktop Infrastructures.

How does it work

Just select the Immidio Resource Kit tool of your choice.

  • Immidio ActiveApp Scanner - Monitor which applications are used during a user's session and collect information about the user environment.
  • Virtual Battery Indicator - Display the battery level inside a Remote Desktop session, and provide a warning when the level drops below a certain value.
  • ReconnAct - Run a command when a user disconnects from or reconnects to a session.
  • Registry Time Stamp Tool (Registry Timestamper) - View and modify the time stamp associated to a registry key.
  • Application Virtualization Ping Tool (App-V-Ping) - Check if a virtualized application server is still available.
  • Terminal Server Mode Tool (TsMode) - Check basic API functions and registry values relevant for terminal servers.